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Import-Export Management

We are familiar with most aspects of commercial documentation and the procedures involved in executing a trading transaction.  We have extensive experience in export marketing and have successfully done business in over 40 countries in English,Spanish and French. We can assist you in setting up a foreign distributor network for your products and guide you through each step necessary to enter a new foreign market and increase your sales. We can act as your trade adviser or we can function as your company's international department and/or export department.

We are equally experienced in importing, having begun our original international business activity as an independent import-export agent.  Our first transaction in the late 1970's involved importing fresh pineapples from Guatemala.  We continue to offer a sub-specialty in Latin America.

International Business Research

Entering new foreign markets requires the gathering of information. Our company has extensive experience in conducting international business research, whether it is a specific industry survey or an in depth company analysis. Because we have gained our expertise by working in the public and private sectors, we understand how to effectively use the available resources to focus on your specific needs.

Government Relations

Whether your company or organization is located outside of the United States and needs guidance with federal, state and local government procedures and practices, or your company or organization is American and needs assistance in understanding how foreign government agencies function, we can assist you. Our president and his associates have extensive experience in working with numerous government agencies around the world. Working in the private sector and also for various government agencies in the United States as well as other countries, has given them a very unique perspective.

Strategic International Partnering

Many companies, especially small and medium sized high tech companies, when confronted with a decision about entering global markets, have discovered that their products can not be sold through the traditional channels of distribution. Some kinds of products and certain sophisticated technology require a different kind of marketing expertise, both here and in foreign markets. Often, a strategic alliance, usually in the form of a joint venture, is needed to successfully enter new markets and increase sales. We understand the process of strategic international business partnering and we can assist you in finding appropriate partners in global markets.

The Internet

Many companies are now trying to use the Internet as a forum for conducting global business. Having been actively involved with the Internet since 1991, we are very familiar with how the Internet will impact global business in the future. We can assist your company in developing an Internet marketing strategy which works well with your more traditional marketing and promotion activities.

Employee Training

Many companies, especially small and medium sized companies, suffer from a brain drain when it concerns global business. Once outside of the executive ranks, it is often difficult to find people with the appropriate international business experience. We can solve this problem by designing training programs to teach your employees the fundamentals of international business and the Internet.



Key Benefits


experience to understand your needs


flexibility to develop appropriate solutions


expertise to execute a successful plan


Capability 1


We have extensive experience in import-export marketing, having done business in over 40 countries in English,Spanish and French.

Capability 2


We have a practical understanding of most aspects of commercial documentation and the accompanying procedures involved in executing an import or export trading transaction.

Capability 3


           We have worked in the public sector and we know how to take advantage of services offered by government agencies which will facilitate your company's entry into global trade.


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