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Jeffrey's Articles
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Jeffrey's Articles

Our webmaster, Jeffrey P. Graham, has written several articles about international business and the Internet. Some people consider him to be an expert on the behavior of small and medium sized companies newly globalizing their operations. In any case, we present his articles here because they are informative and provocative. Jeffrey's first and most notable article was "Evaluating Trade Leads", which he wrote in November 1997. Six years later and it is still a very timely article. At the time it was first published in the Global Observer section of Going Global, this article created a significant amount of controversy in the import-export community. At the time, many were proposing the notion that Internet trade lead boards were the wave of the future. Well, Jeffrey succinctly and successfully challenged that notion and the rest is history. He was noticed by Browning Rockwell, CEO of Trade Compass and began to write a regular column for the now defunct Gateway ezine. Jeffrey was also a contributor for the also defunct bizzed.com international portal project sponsored by Citibank. His articles have also appeared in hard copy in InterTrade & Investment.

Some of Jeffrey's best work is actually in the form of reviews of other writers and/or postings in reply to questions posed to e-mail and Usenet discussion groups. Many of these musings have been catalogued by various search engines and exist on a variety of servers all over the world. Over the past six years that he has been actively writing about international business and the Internet, his website and his articles have garnered him significant praise from the likes of Ziff Davis, an icon in the Internet world and the respect of his peers who work in global business development.  Perhaps the most significant indication of how his writing is perceived around the world is the fact that many of his articles have been translated into several different foreign languages. Yet more impressive, however, is the fact that the articles of Jeffrey P. Graham are now being used as training aids in university-based small business development centers and as required reading for undergraduate courses in international business at some major universities in the United States.

****Note to our site visitors.****  Most of the articles that will be presented are copyrighted materials. In fact, many of these copyright rights are shared by Mr. Graham with various business partners and other business associates. Please respect the laws concerning copyrighted materials that you will find at Going Global. Mr. Graham has never charged exorbitant fees nor set up restrictive use policies. For most purposes, a simple request sent via e-mail will suffice just as long as there is additional easily verifiable contact information sent as well. As a practical matter, it will require time and considerable effort to upload most of his articles and therefore we ask your patience while we go about the business of upgrading our website while we continue to expand the types and quantities of various information provided for you to use. Going Global has been an international business resource on the Internet for over six years and we are very proud of our achievements in assisting students at all levels as well as researchers and other members of the academic and business and professional community, especially our colleagues involved in global economic development in every corner of the world.

To read Jeffrey's articles, go to  Articles

*Reprinted from ZDNet Inc. October 2000, with permission. Copyright (c) 2000 ZDNet Inc. Content originally appearing in Ziff Davis Smart Business is the copyrighted property of Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. Copyright (c) 2000. All Rights Reserved.



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