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Mr. Jeffrey P. Graham, President of JPG Consulting and Webmaster of this site, is also a freelance journalist, Special Correspondent for the Gateway e-zine and also a Contributing Editor and Journalist for InterTrade & Investment. This page has links to many of the articles that he has published, including those which were only published online and some that were originally written for hard print and were later placed online.


Evaluating Trade Leads

Evaluating Foreign Distributors

Note: Articles three and four originally appeared in hard print in InterTrade & Investment in March and April 1999

Web Marketing: So Much to Know

Qualifying Leads for Web Success

How does one begin to ascertain news about small and medium sized companies? (March 1999)

Convincing SME's to Always Have a Global Perspective (June 1999)

Portals - The Gateways to Information on the Web (September 1999)

Choosing a Bank for International Business (October 1999)

The WTO: The Alternative Perspective (November 1999)

The Globalization of the Small Enterprise (December 1999)

E-Commerce: The alternative perspective (January 2000)

A New Era in Cross-cultural Communications? (February 2000)

UK Trade Policy: Does Continental Europe Really Matter? (March 2000)

Logistics: Vital to Every Business (April 2000)

A Vision of the Future vs the Reality of the Present (May 2000)

Understanding the Role of Translators (June 2000)

Seamless Web Is a Foolish Notion (July 2000)

Massages and Mirages (September 2000)

The Trade Development Act-A Bridge to the Future (October 2000)

Troubled Waters Lie Ahead (November 2000)

Lessons From Recessions (December 2000)

Prices Cut Both Ways (January 2001)

Industry Consolidation Presents Serious Problems for SME's (February 2001)

Import Management in the New Economy (March 2001)

*Reprinted from ZDNet Inc. October 2000, with permission. Copyright (c) 2000 ZDNet Inc. Content originally appearing in Ziff Davis Smart Business is the copyrighted property of Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. Copyright (c) 2000. All Rights Reserved.

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