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About This Web Site

Going global is a term commonly used to describe a company or institution which has decided to participate in international business activities in order to seek better  business  opportunities  or to   provide  better  services  to its organization's    members.   Such  a   decision  quite frequently entails  a    turnaround  in  the organization's  basic  orientation   to how  it  conducts  business or  provides member services. The issue of how to get started in international business is often  confusing  and   can  cause  problems  within  an  organization. This   is especially  true in  the case  of  small and  medium sized companies and the institutions which  serve  them  because  they   very  rarely  have  specialized personnel  with   significant  international  business  experience  or   expertise.

This  website has  been established  primarily  to  assist  individual entrepreneurs, small   and  medium  sized  companies  and a variety of organizations in finding ways to simplify the process of getting started in international business. We provide information about how to use the Internet to help your entity more effectively manage the costs of going global, so that budgetary restraints of even the smallest company or organization will not prevent it from taking advantage of exciting opportunities.

We have purposely maintained a very simple website design so that even the most computer illiterate person can visit here and easily find the information for which he/she is searching. We know from experience that many of the people who need the information which we provide are "newbies", that is, people who really are newcomers and do not know very much about the Internet or global business. While the content of the site will be constantly improved, the design will remain very basic. We are providing information, not fancy graphics.

This site also offers some unique opportunities for small and medium sized companies to participate in global business partnering or international business networking.  Please go to our feedback  page and complete the form there or contact us at webmaster@going-global.com  for more information. The global networking area of the links section, Links to Other Sites lists other sites where you will be able to engage in global networking as well.

There are numerous WWW sites dedicated to international business. We have decided to focus on the issues concerning a company's decision to enter global business. We know from many years of experience that mistakes made at this time can often have a negative effect on a company's chances for success. We have purposely avoided offering too much how-to advice because we know that this can often be confusing and misleading to a novice or newcomer who is merely looking for some basic information with which to get started. However, the resources provided here will be useful to many people other than just newbies to international business and the Internet. We strongly encourage you to use these resources to learn more about the Internet and global business. We also hope that you will actively participate in the various opportunities for global networking.

This site is designed and maintained by JPG Consulting. JPG Consulting is a full service international business consulting company which emphasizes international business research, facilitating global partnering & strategic networking and business-government relations (foreign and domestic). We specialize in working with small and medium sized companies and the institutions which serve them.

We strongly  encourage  all of  our  readers  to send  us  mail  with  advice, suggestions,  comments    and criticisms  about  how  we can  continue  to improve the content of this site. We can only improve this site with your help.



*Reprinted from ZDNet Inc. October 2000, with permission. Copyright (c) 2000 ZDNet Inc. Content originally appearing in Ziff Davis Smart Business is the copyrighted property of Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. Copyright (c) 2000. All Rights Reserved.



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