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April 1, 2004 marks the seventh anniversary of Going Global!!  To celebrate, we have added a new research section.

When we first launched this website, many people wondered what we were trying to accomplish. We were not directly selling any products or services. We were not using cookies or gathering very much user data. Basically, we were merely providing information and assistance for newcomers aka newbies to the Internet and international business. Well, things have changed a little bit since we first played that April Fools' joke on ourselves and the Internet community some seven years ago.

First of all, Going Global has won some very significant high praise from an acknowledged industry leader. In the October 2000 issue of Ziff Davis' Smart Business magazine, on page 115 our site appeared in a sidebar in an article about going global entitled, "Go Global". This sidebar contained a list of  websites recommended to the reader as being useful in pursuing international business activities on the Internet. The quote that appeared underneath the URL for Going Global was as follows, "A fine place to start, with the most comprehensive list of resources available." That says it all, as far as we're concerned. Our primary goal has been achieved because we feel very strongly that such praise as this affirms the positive nature of what we have been doing for the past seven years. With little fanfare and even less support, we have worked diligently to become a premier Internet information resource. Along the way, we have helped countless numbers of students in grade schools, high schools and colleges and universities around the world with their homework assignments. We have introduced many business executives to the world of international business and shown them how the Internet plays such a vital role.

Along the way, we have personally benefited as well.  My company, JPG Consulting, (the company that sponsors Going Global) has been retained as an international business consultant by some of the highest profile companies in the world.  Due to the popularity of Evaluating Trade Leads and my volunteer work in helping newly globalizing companies, I am considered by some experts to be one of the world's leading experts on small and medium sized companies newly entering global trade. In my role as special correspondent for the now defunct Gateway, the global business ezine, my monthly column reached a diverse audience of thousands around the world and has enhanced my personal reputation as a commentator on the role played by small and medium sized companies in global business and on the Internet.  Furthermore, it demonstrated our company's capabilities as a website content producer for other major websites and portals.

As we celebrate our seventh year, Going Global is poised to take on some new challenges. 

The Internet has changed drastically in the past six years, but Going Global has remained a constant. Our primary role has been to provide information and assistance to those who need it. Clearly, with increased Internet participation worldwide, the number of people who need assistance is rapidly rising. The type of assistance required is also changing as well.  Every year, we promise to translate our site into Spanish and therefore make it available to many more users. Well, finally, after much hand wringing and considerable squabbling, we have gotten everybody at Going Global on board with the notion that we need to become a multilingual website. Not only will our visitors enjoy this change, but we will have responded to much public pressure to globalize the one site on the Internet that is truly global in its perspective. This change will occur incrementally, but it will begin occurring during the summer months.

Finally, the Global Observer will get its own subweb. The reason for this is simple: we believe that there will be a need for sufficient space to allow the Global Observer to take on some very controversial issues concerning the inequities of global business development. In all of our time on the Internet, this website has focused primarily on understanding the various aspects of global business as it related to the participation of small and medium sized companies and to a lesser extent the growing influence of micro-businesses and eschewed politics per se as a meaningful subject.  While some might contend that the current political environment worldwide is confusing and requires examination, Going Global is not a political forum.  We do occasionally write commentary on subjects that are close to the political arena, but this website is politically neutral. Our primary concern is the ability of small and medium sized companies to globalize their operations and to take advantage of the increasing number of business opportunities created in the global marketplace.

As always, if you have any questions about anything that you read or see here or you just want to complain or compliment us or whatever, you should send mail to the Webmaster.  In other words, me.

Enjoy the upgraded site.


Jeffrey P. Graham, Webmaster

Going Global

*Reprinted from ZDNet Inc. October 2000, with permission. Copyright (c) 2000 ZDNet Inc. Content originally appearing in Ziff Davis Smart Business is the copyrighted property of Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. Copyright (c) 2000. All Rights Reserved.



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