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Going Global provides two types of services: free web-based services and fee-based international business consulting services as provided by our parent company JPG Consulting. Since we are a unique website, it is often not easy to explain how we differentiate between free services and those for which fees are charged.  Probably the best way to understand our policy is to look at it as we do.  Going Global was originally founded in 1997 to provide information and assistance for newbies to international business and the Internet as well as providing enhanced opportunities for global business outreach to companies, organizations and government agencies worldwide. What we have found over the past six years is that many inquiries for free assistance can often be resolved by going to one of the many outstanding resources that we have listed at our site. Over the years, we have gladly helped hundreds of high school and college students do research and homework assignments by simply pointing them in the right direction. Occasionally, we can even help a company or organization with a simple e-mail response. That is, sometimes we provide our actual consulting services pro bono. In most instances, we consider the source of the inquiry and its purpose. However, there is a limit to free and even though the Internet has long since become a commercial medium, many people fail to recognize reasonable limits.  It is very frustrating to receive an e-mail from a person who has not taken time to even search the website for valuable resources and wants us to do all of their work for them. We are happy to assist anybody with a reasonable request. Please do not contact us requesting that we do a free market research study or become involved in a major consulting project pro bono. Also, please do not inquire with us about commission based opportunities or MLM schemes. Finally, for those of you who are new to the Internet (hint: AOL users) please be advised that it is considered rude to send an e-mail message without a proper signature. It is especially rude to do this when making a request for free assistance.

We have grown somewhat in the past six years, but one thing has remained constant: our faith to our mission.  For many of our visitors, we are the global business website of record and for this we offer our gratitude. What we have tried to do over these years is to present a different approach to international business, especially for small and medium sized companies. We're not vain, so we shall not list the names of the hundreds of people that we have helped over the years or the names of our clients which comprise some of the most important companies in the world.  What we will do, however, is to continue to strive to do our very best to offer our visitors information that they can use to do their homework, guide their policy decisions, run their businesses or merely to satisfy their curiosity. This is the third major upgrade to our website and it heralds the approach of our seventh anniversary as an Internet resource. We hope that you like it and that you will continue to visit Going Global to find information about international business.

Finally, a couple of housekeeping chores. I am the Webmaster of Going Global and the President of JPG Consulting. If you find something here that is incorrect such as a dead link or something that offends you, please contact me directly so that it can be fixed. I work with a lovely group of associates around the world who help me assemble resources and give me ideas for articles and so forth, but in the end, I am the man. If you have something good, bad or ugly to say about what you read here, talk to me. I ain't hiding from nobody because there is a link on every page of this website to send me e-mail. The other thing that is important to say here is this: Going Global only gathers information for the purposes of assisting people. It has always been our policy that any information that you as a visitor give to us actually belongs to you. We have not, do not and will not ever use cookies or any other such privacy invading mechanisms nor will we ever release, give or sell any contact information gathered at our site to anybody without the expressed permission of the owner, you the visitor.

Thank you for supporting Going Global for all of these years.


Jeffrey P. Graham, Webmaster





Send mail to webmaster@going-global.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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